"Music is spiritual. The music business is not." (Van Morrison)

Welcome at the Official page of composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Hans Ouwejan


Instrumental Music to Chill & Relax!

"Day at the Beach""Invasion"

Portfolio Section

Besides Hans’s work for Justin Frankel’s Nullsoft/Winamp MP3 Player in the 80’s and for the Shoot-Um-Up game “Catgun, Victory Mission G” from PixelHazard (the first shoot um up game with real CD tracks), Hans is now busy with Chill & Relaxing music. You can chill & relax with the music of Hans at:

Restaurant Infini

Restaurant Le Bon Choix

Rofra Home and more!

Or you can chill at home with Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Yotube Music, Amazon.

More about Justin FrankelMore about PixelHazard "Catgun, Victory Mission G"
Portfolio Section

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Quote from a fan!

“I can listen to any of your compositions and become immersed, thinking what I want and feeling what I want…I believe instrumental music is great in that aspect because it lets the listener decide what it’s about. The composers meanings aren’t forced on the listener with lyrics that don’t fit their feelings or thoughts of the music.” (Mark “Fyren” Haidar)

Used Instruments

Used instruments: Yamaha DX11 – Roland SC55 – Alesis DX16 – Roland VS-2400CD – Soundscape Roland JV2080 expanded with: SR-JV80-01(pop) – SR-JV80-02(orchestral) – SR-JV80-09(session) – SR-JV80-10(drums & bass) –  Native Instruments .



Address :

mail (at) hansouwejan (dot) nl


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